10 reasons why you should go to Korea

Korean forests

1.They have one of the most beautiful trees in the world!

2.That is where the most popular boy band (BTS) lives!

3.You can earn money there and you will have twice as many money when you go back home!

4.They are super luxurious when it comes to fancy hotels!

5.They are high in tech!

6.It snows in Korea!!!!!!!!(It does not snow in my country!)

7.It only happens once in your life!

8.It’s really fun to go to Everland in christmas!

9.You can be a soldier there in no time!

10.They have one of the most deliciouse (wrong speling!)foods!

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Published by alicekookie321

I am a new blogger here at wordpress and I am a Catholic, and I love BTS!

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