Been cheated on

(On the mountains part 2)

Sunday June 16 2020

“Y/N!” your cousin Sarah shouted as you go inside the car going to your wedding.

You fell asleep. You woke up looking at the same mountains where you and Kookie went hiking. “We are here,Y/N!” said Sarah as she got of the car. You got of and saw Kookie waving his hand, you waved yours too.

Kookie ran towards you.”Do you remember this place?” Kookie said while holding your hand. “Yes!, how can I forget! “you replied.

After the wedding you two got home and slept.

Wednesday January 5 2026

You’v been married to Kookie for six years now and he is always out of the country for work, so you barley see him.

You decided to surprise him and go to California where he works.When you arrived,you went to the park near his office and saw him holding another girl’s hand and went to your rented house. You cried, screamed, saying things you regret.

Tuesday October 9 2027

It’s been one year since you saw Kookie and you never missed him, you don’t feel a thing when he texted you and said that he was going home.

When he got home you were in your room crying. “Y/N where are you?” Kookie shouted. “I’m here in our room!”.

“Hi Y/N! Whats wrong?” said Kookie.

END OF CHAPTER Thank you again for reading and please comment anything you want to happen for the next chapter and don’t forget to follow for more BTS fan fiction!

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I am a new blogger here at wordpress and I am a Catholic, and I love BTS!

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