2nd question!

If u had all the money in the world what would you buy?

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My first composed song!

Here it is! It is called Going Home!

VERSE 1:Going home going far going back to the island. Where the sea becomes land. People waving, people smiling at me. Soft sand, hard ground, rough trip in the ocean.

CHORUS: Sailing 4x

VERSE 2: Rowing fast, going slow, following God’s directions.Making my, my own orders, saying goodbye to my loved ones.

Bye 2x

Sing VERSE 1 again.


Hi guys sorry it took soooo long before I made a post again.

I will make a shout out to all the A.R.M.Y.s around the world and always stay POSITIVE because sometimes when something happens that make you angry,sad or depressed just remember that it happened in the past so stay POSITIVE because life won’t be POSITIVE if your not, and believe me it’s true.


I will ask a question and you have to comment the answer right away after you read it.

Then I will pick 10 lucky people and on Christmas Eve I will post a shout out to them!

( well maybe not exactly on Christmas Eve because maybe my country is different from yours )

Hi,how is life?

Honestly in this post I have nothing to say exept,”How is life?”.

Well for me life is boring I have nothing to do exept stare at the window and feel the cold wind and post something.

If your on a vacation good for you cause you have something to do,while I’m just sitting here waiting for my mom and older brother to get back from mass.

I’m just sooo bored that’s why I’m posting something.Oh well have a great weekend.

10 reasons why you should go to Korea

Korean forests

1.They have one of the most beautiful trees in the world!

2.That is where the most popular boy band (BTS) lives!

3.You can earn money there and you will have twice as many money when you go back home!

4.They are super luxurious when it comes to fancy hotels!

5.They are high in tech!

6.It snows in Korea!!!!!!!!(It does not snow in my country!)

7.It only happens once in your life!

8.It’s really fun to go to Everland in christmas!

9.You can be a soldier there in no time!

10.They have one of the most deliciouse (wrong speling!)foods!

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Been cheated on

(On the mountains part 2)

Sunday June 16 2020

“Y/N!” your cousin Sarah shouted as you go inside the car going to your wedding.

You fell asleep. You woke up looking at the same mountains where you and Kookie went hiking. “We are here,Y/N!” said Sarah as she got of the car. You got of and saw Kookie waving his hand, you waved yours too.

Kookie ran towards you.”Do you remember this place?” Kookie said while holding your hand. “Yes!, how can I forget! “you replied.

After the wedding you two got home and slept.

Wednesday January 5 2026

You’v been married to Kookie for six years now and he is always out of the country for work, so you barley see him.

You decided to surprise him and go to California where he works.When you arrived,you went to the park near his office and saw him holding another girl’s hand and went to your rented house. You cried, screamed, saying things you regret.

Tuesday October 9 2027

It’s been one year since you saw Kookie and you never missed him, you don’t feel a thing when he texted you and said that he was going home.

When he got home you were in your room crying. “Y/N where are you?” Kookie shouted. “I’m here in our room!”.

“Hi Y/N! Whats wrong?” said Kookie.

END OF CHAPTER Thank you again for reading and please comment anything you want to happen for the next chapter and don’t forget to follow for more BTS fan fiction!

On the mountains


Wednesday August 23

You and Kookie are childhood friends.

You and Kookie decided to go hiking on Saturday because it has been long before you and Kookie went on a vacation together.

Saturday August 26

You are packing all your hiking gear. “Y/N!” Kookie shouted at you as he started the car. Kookie helped you load your stuff in the car as he started to drive you fell asleep.

You woke up looking at the most beautiful view you have ever seen(well you know ecxept Jung Kook)!

Your jaw dropped while looking at the mountains. “It’s beautiful!” you said while Kookie stand beside you. You blushed for a second.

Kookie had set up the tent while you sat in a bench ,he sat beside you!You blushed again.

“Y/N, help me get the stuff in the car.” Kookie said while he pulled your hand gently.

After you and Kookie got all the stuff in the car you cooked dinner.

“OWWW!” you shouted while you felt pain in your hand. You burned your palm a bit.

Kookie rushed to get some ice and put it on your palm, you suddenly felt better.

“Thank you, Kookie” you said as he held your hand!

Monday December 15 2019

You and Kookie had been BF and GF for a year now and you decided to introduce you to his parents.

When you two arrived at his parents house they were super nice to you!

“Hello Y/N it is nice to finally meet you!” they said as you and Kookie held hands.

After that you told Kookie that your parents died last year as tears slid down your face.

You two went to his house and spent the night there.

Thursday December 25

“Y/N c’mon were gonna be late for your first concert!” Kookie shouted as he pulled your hand to the stage. BTS decided to team up with you when they knew you were a great singer!

As you went up the stage your heart began to pound and your hands started to shake.

You sang your heart out and after the song people began cheering!

Kookie pulled your hand and went to the stage, he knelt down and proposed to you!!

People began screaming and cheering while you cried tears of joy!

THE END OF CHAPTER Thank you for reading! (please do not forget to follow me for more BTS fan fiction!)

Best day ever!šŸ’‘šŸ˜šŸ˜£

My mom woke me and my siblings up ,and told us that we were going to go to a science fair.

She told me that my friend invited me and my other friend to join them.

But, my other friend got sore eyes.

So 1 hour later, we went to the science fair!

But we were a little to early so before we went to the science fair, so we went to a museum of natural history.šŸ‘Œ

* I’ll tell u a little secret ,one of my friends that invited us is my crush!šŸ˜£šŸ˜šŸ˜¶

So back to the story, so when we were in the museum, I wasn’t the one who followed my crush, he followed meh!šŸ’˜

After the 5 flours of beautiful history, we ate in Mackdonalds!

Then we went to the science fair!

In the science fair a photographer aproched (wrong spelling?) me and my crush and took a picture of us!


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